The Choice for Serious Hay Producers!

The Juice Delivers.

The Juice is a modern Buffered Propionic & Citric Acid preservative. Propionic Acid is the workhorse ingredient that is a research proven mould inhibitor. Citric Acid is known for its ability to maintain green colour and freshness within the forage.

The Juice uses a unique dispersing agent to ensure even application and quality. Dispersing throughout the hay to find moisture, The Juice penetrates the entire hay stem and delivers superior results.

High active ingredients include: buffered propionic acid, citric acid & exclusive dispersing agents.

Key Features

  • Easy, ready to use liquid
  • Premium quality product
  • Superior colour retention
  • Made in Canada
  • CFIA Registered and Regulated
Why use The Juice?

  • Unique dispersing agent and Super Green
  • 24 Hour Technical Support
  • Committed to the Forage Industry
  • On-going forage research trials
  • In business since 1902
  • We bale hay too!

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Export/Commercial Hay Producers

  • Big Square Bales & Small Square Bales
  • USA Dairy & Beef Markets
  • New Overseas Markets
  • Re-Processing

Treat hay for premium price, colour retention & heavier bale weights

Horse Hay Producers

  • Small Square Bales
  • Local Markets (Race Tracks, Equestrian, Hobby)

Treat hay for premium price & colour retention

Custom Balers & Livestock Producers

  • Big Square & Round Balers
  • Bale for Multiple Farmers
  • Dairy, Beef, Sheep, Goats

Treat hay for improved feed quality, better palatability & reduced feed waste

Easy, Ready to Use Liquid.

Available in 200 kg and 450 lb barrels.
1000 kg, 2000 lb and 2400 lb totes.
Bulk Liquid available upon request.