What we are all About:

At Nuhn Forage Inc., we believe your own forages are valuable and should be protected. Prime-Hay contains specially selected strains of bacteria which rapidly produce Lactic Acid lowering the pH in the silage, resulting in a more efficient fermentation. Prime-Hay is also inoculated with Endo-Xyanase and Beta-Glucanase. These enzymes kick start fermentation by providing nutrients for the bacteria. They also convert indigestible fiber into sugars, starches, and amino acids, resulting in a feed that has improved digestibility and most importantly increased feed value.

How the process works:

Reduced Heating

Heating is the result of two basic factors: plant respiration and aerobic bacteria. By rapidly reducing the pH of the silage Prime-Hay halts plant cell respiration. Prime-Hay also substantially limits the growth of aerobic bacteria. These bacteria produce harmful acetic and butyric acids. Prime-Hay acts to help control these potentially damaging aerobic bacteria by utilizing nutrients that the aerobic micro-organisms need to thrive. The pH level is lowered to a point where these bacteria can no longer live and damage your silage.

Improved Digestibility and Palatability

An important factor in storage preservatives is the ability to sustain the products nutritional value and taste. Prime-Hay’s formula promotes increased production of lactic acids. These acids are proven to amplify the nutritional value of the forage when produced. This is in opposition to the acetic and butyric acids that are commonly found in poorly fermented silages.


Advantages of Granular Preservatives:

Prime-Hay is a dry granular preservative with many advantages over water soluble and liquid concentrate inoculants. One major factor is our products Convenience for the user. With Prime-Hay there is no need for mixing with water. The product is simply applied directly to the silage, activating the bacteria. The granular applicator is the easiest and most efficient way to apply silage preservatives. Nuhn Forage Inc. is the official provider and distributor of a full line of granular applicators in a wide variety of volumes. We also provide applicators for all types of harvesters, balers, blowers and baggers.

Benefits of Prime-Hay Treatment

  • Reduced Heating
  • Improved Digestibility and Palatability
  • Reduced Yeast and Mold
  • Improved Bunk Life
  • Non-Corrosive/Non-toxic & Safe on Equipment
  • CFIA Registered Product- Tested in Canada
  • Certified for Organic use
Prime-Hay Advantage

 Increased Protein  +3.5 kg/mt
 Increased Energy  +50.3 Mcal/mt
 Total Added Value ($/mt)*  $6.93
 Cost of Prime-Hay**  $1.75
 Prime-Hay Return($/mt)  $5.18
 Multiply by thenumber of tonnes ofsilage you makeannually  X__________
 Annual Savings withPrime-Hay  =$_________
 *27 kg corn @ $220/mt and3kg soymeal @ $420/mt
 ** 0.5 kg Prime_hay/mt [email protected] $3.50/kg