From Past to Present…

Nuhn Forage Inc.

The Nuhn family business dates back more than one hundred years in Canada. In the early 1900’s, Simon Nuhn opened a blacksmith shop in Wartburg, Ontario. Over time this evolved into what is now Nuhn Industries Ltd., an international manufacturer of liquid manure equipment. Dennis Nuhn (grandson of Simon) has worked hard to expand innovative equipment design in a competitive market. His brother Darnell Nuhn founded Nuhn Bio-Tech Ltd. in 1984 as a division of Nuhn Industries. Moving to their new Sebringville location in 1987, Nuhn Bio-Tech became a market leader in agricultural preservatives.

In 2009, Nuhn Bio-Tech celebrated its 25th Anniversary milestone and longstanding relationship with the Canadian agricultural community. In its beginning, Nuhn Bio-Tech concentrated on waste treatment products designed to partner with its founding company Nuhn Industries. However, as the forage preservatives and microbial market grew Darnell Nuhn took notice. This was an opportunity to develop something completely new in the local agricultural community. From what began as a small business venture grew into one of the largest preservative producers and distributors in Ontario. Nuhn Bio-Tech’s presence became evident in 1998 when it made expansions to both their mixing facilities and warehouse capabilities. Soon after in 2003, more major expansions were made to their propionic acid facilities.

Nuhn Bio-Tech’s flagship product “The Juice” gained increasing popularity throughout the 2000’s.  The Juice expanded its customer base to include all the major hay growing provinces in Canada.  The Juice is used by top livestock producers and commercial hay growers throughout the country.  The Juice has become Canada’s leading hay preservative.

In 2012, Nuhn Forage Inc. was established by Darnell’s children;  Terry, Abbey and Jacob.  Nuhn Forage Inc. purchased Nuhn Bio-Tech Ltd.’s Forage Division.  Nuhn Forage Inc. is a 100% forage focused company offering a complete line of preservatives, applicators and hay accessories to Canadian Forage growers.  Nuhn Forage Inc. represents the 4th generation of the Nuhn Family to be involved in the family’s agricultural business roots in Canada.

The Nuhn family has worked hard to perfect both liquid and dry granular products over the years. Because of this, Nuhn Forage Inc. can now offer a wide range of products to treat straw, hay, and most recently high moisture corn. Please contact [email protected] for more information.