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At Nuhn Forage Inc., we’re constantly trying to find new tools to protect stored forages. The Juice XP is a liquid preservative that helps in retaining your forage value and quality. Dealing with unpredictable Canadian weather can sometimes be challenging. The Juice XP helps you make the most out of your hay- in any weather. The Juice XP inhibits the growth of harmful mould and bacteria that generally are associated with rainy and humid weather conditions. Rain or shine, The Juice delivers.

The Juice was originally developed as a hay preservative. However due to wet conditions during the early season and the high risk of mould growth- there became a need for preserving vulnerable straw.


Save your straw from moulds and mycotoxins

Straw is a popular bedding material for a large variety of livestock, however; it is also a popular material for the growth of mould spores. These spores can then be released into the air as dust, which can affect livestock and also farmers. One of the more common moulds of the family is known as Aspergillus, which can be very harmful to animals- especially poultry spci. Animals can become exposed to this through ingestion and inhalation.


Helping to Maintain Your Health

Dust can be a significant problem in straw especially when used for livestock bedding. Dust can carry mold spores and bacteria that can be harmful to animals and their owners. When applied to straw, THE JUICE reduces the number of airborne dust particles. Farmers Lung is a common name for the damaging respiratory effects of dust inhalation. Dust exposure can cause chronic symptoms in farmers that are similar to asthma. If dust particles are not removed removed from the lung, serious long term effects on the respiratory system can result. The Juice is a great tool to keep your work place safe.

What is Aspergillus?

There are over 100 known strains of Aspergillus fungi. Among these, Aspergillus fumigatus, Aspergillus flavus and Aspergillus niger are the most common. All of these can cause many harmful symptoms and have been linked to a number of chronic and acute diseases in livestock.



The strain Aspergillus Fumigatus causes respiratory problems when inhaled. It is in close relationship with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) which is also known as “the heaves.” With COPD, the inhalation of the fungal spores invades tissues of the upper air ways and lungs causing infection. The spot of infection is often referred to as a lung lesion. As a result, horses encounter difficulties breathing and create heaving sounds. Mucus accumulation in the air ways is also a contributor to respiratory problems. During the winter months horses spend a longer time in dusty stables, therefore, the quality of the bedding that is stored now is of importance to the horses later.


Dairy Cows/Calves

Straw now requires as much care in production as hay and other grains. It is becoming more commonly fed in TMR rations as it replaces hay. Aspergillus growth in feeds can be very harmful and thus treating straw can be a great solution to keep cows healthy. Also, straw bedding for young calves must be kept dust free to create a prime environment for growth and development.


The Juice Advantage: Putting more money in YOUR pocket

Straw treated with The Juice puts the power back in growers hands. It gives added insurance for top quality return for your forage. At the same time, livestock owners have one less thing to stress over as their bedding material is kept at peak performance. A proper environment encourages healthy livestock and maximum potential. The Juice is the most effective acid forage preservative on the market. Risk management is always a priority in farming and The Juice is a great tool in assuring crops are stored and applied at their very best every time no matter what the conditions.

Nuhn Forage Inc. is dedicated to providing Canada’s growers with top quality farm solutions guaranteed.

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